Erbil-Ceyhan Gas Pipeline

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Erbil-Ceyhan Gas Pipeline was a proposed gas pipeline in Turkey and Iraq.[1]


The pipeline would have run between Erbil, Iraq and Ceyhan, Turkey.[1]

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Pipeline Details

  • Owner:
  • Proposed Capacity: 50 bcm/y[1]
  • Length:
  • Diameter:
  • Status:
  • Start Year:


In 2014, the director of the energy commission of the Kurdish Regional Government said that natural gas flow through the Erbil-Ceyhan pipeline when completed in 2017.[1]

World Pipelines listed the project in 2015 as an example of impeded development of infrastructure due to disputes between the Kurdistan Regional government and the Federal Iraqi Government.[2]

As of August 2020, no progress has been found, the proposal is assumed to be cancelled.


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