European LNG Supply Shipping Routes

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Liquified natural gas is shipped via LNG carriers to the European Union and the United Kingdom. According to the EU, less than 25% of the natural gas used in the EU comes from domestic production. The vast majority is imported, mainly from Qatar (28%), Russia (20%), the United States (16%) and Nigeria (12%). The 14 EU Member States imported a total of 108 billion cubic metres of LNG in 2019 with the largest shares going to Spain (20%), France (20%), the UK (17%) and Italy (13%).[1]

According to a map produced by Rystad Energy for the International Gas Union 2020 World LNG report,[2] the paths of "Major Trade Routes" importing LNG into the EU and UK are as shown below:[3]

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Additional data on the locations and capabilities of LNG terminals come from GEM's Global Fossil Infrastructure Tracker.[4]

Routes not listed on the "Major LNG Trade Routes" map were estimated utilizing King & Spalding's "An Overview of LNG Import Terminals in Europe"[5], Skangas's "Building a Supply Chain" presentation[6], GEM Wiki, LNG Terminal Operator's websites[7][8], and news articles.[9]


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