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Express Oil Pipeline System is an operating oil pipeline in Canada and the United States.[1] It is a part of the Express-Platte Pipeline System along with the Platte Crude Oil Pipeline.[2]


The pipeline runs from Hardisty, Alberta, to Casper, Wyoming.[1]

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Project details


The 24-inch pipeline transports crude oil from Hardisty, Alberta to refiners in Montana, Wyoming, Utah and Colorado. The pipeline connects with the Platte Crude Oil Pipeline system in Casper, Wyoming and the Silvertip Crude Oil Pipeline in Edgar Station, Montana.[1] The Platte Crude Oil Pipeline and the Express Oil Pipeline System are sometimes considered to be a single system.[3]


In service since 1997, the pipeline was purchased by Spectra in 2013. Spectra merged with Enbridge in 2017 and the pipeline remains under Enbridge's ownership.[3]

Expansion projects


In early 2020, the capacity of the Express Pipeline was expanded to 287,000 bpd with the installation of drag reducing agent injection skids and optimization of pump stations. Further optimization efforts increased the capacity to 310,000 bpd by Q3 2020.[2]

  • Operator:
  • Owner: Enbridge[2]
  • Parent company: Enbridge[2]
  • Capacity: 30,000 barrels per day[2]
  • Length: 0 new miles[2]
  • Status: Operating[2]
  • Start year: 2020[2]

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