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Fauji Fertilizer power station is a 118-megawatt (MW) coal plant in Sindh province, Pakistan.


The map below shows the location of the coal-fired power plant at the Fauji fertilizer plant in Port Qasim, Sindh province. The gas-fired plant can be seen immediately to the north.

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In July 2014, Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim Limited (FFBL) was granted environmental clearance to convert its gas plant to coal. FFBL planned to generate 120 MW, primarily for fertilizer production.[1]

FFBP setup the FFBL Power Company Limited (FPCL) as an unlisted public limited company in June 2014 to own the plant.[2]

In November 2014, FFBL management said that the company was most likely going forward with the project. The project would reduce the amount of gas used by the company as fuel stock.[3]

In September 2014, Fauji Fertilizer hired National Engineering Services Pakistan Ltd as design and construction contractor for the project.[4]

Fauji achieved financial close on the project in December 2015.[5][6]

The coal unit was brought online in February 2017.[7] The installed capacity of the power station is 118 MW, out of which up to 60 MW of power is exported to K‐Electric and the remaining is supplied to FFBL's Fertilizer complex.[2]


"The plant was set up on non-EPC basis at a total cost of USD $291m, funded in a debt equity ratio of 72:28."[8]

Project Details

  • Sponsor: Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim Limited (FFBL)
  • Parent company: Fauji Foundation
  • Location: Port Qasim, Karachi, Sindh province, Pakistan
  • Coordinates: 24.83309, 67.41962 (exact)[9]
  • Status: Operating
  • Capacity: 118 MW
  • Type: Circulating fluidized bed[9]
  • In service: Feb. 2017
  • Coal Type:
  • Coal Source:
  • Source of financing: US$81.48 million in equity from FFBL Power Company Limited[8]

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