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Feroze Gandhi Unchahar Power Station, also known as Unchahar power station, is a 1,550 megawatt (MW) coal-fired power station in Unchahar, India which is owned and operated by the National Thermal Power Corporation.


The plant is located at Unchahar in Rae Bareli. The photo shows the older units to the east and the new unit to the west.

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NTPC took the power station over from the "cash strapped" Utta Pradesh State Electricity Board in February 1992 when it was a 420 MW plant.[1] [2]

Existing plant

The existing 1050 MW plant comprises five 210 MW units which have been built in three stages. Stage 1 comprised two 210MW units which were commissioned in November 1988 and March 1989. Stage II comprised another two 210MW units which were commissioned in January 1999 and October 1999. Stage III comprised another 210MW unit which was commissioned in September 2006.[3]

Stage IV Expansion (Unit 6)

It has been reported that a 500MW Stage IV expansion of the power station is currently being proposed by NTPC. The expansion would be on the site of the existing plant but an addition 200 acres is being sought for the ash pond and a further 2.7 million tonnes of coal will be required. It has been reported that water will be sought from the Sharda Sahayak Link Canal. It has been reported that terms of reference for an environmental impact statement were approved September 2010.[4]

A 2013 NTPC investor presentation listed the plant as a hybrid coal-solar plant, and did not specify a commissioning date.[5]

As of 2015 the unit is under construction and planned for completion by 2018.[6][7]

Unit 6 was commissioned on March 31, 2017.[8]

Project details for 500MW Stage IV expansion

Sponsor: National Thermal Power Corporation
Location: Unchahar, Rae Bareli, Uttar Pradesh, India
Coordinates: 25.9131, 81.327483 (older units); 25.9122537, 81.3206291 (Unit 6) (exact)
Status: Operating
Capacity: 500 MW
Projected in service: 2017
Coal Type:
Coal Source:
Estimated annual CO2: 11,709,128 tons
Source of financing:
Permits and applications: Environmental Clearance, India MoEF, May 10, 2013; and Environmental Impact Assessment, October, 2011

Contact details

P.O. Unchahar, Dist. Rai Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh - 229406
Telephone (STD-05311) - 211-2620
Fax 221065

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