Fujian Fuqing LNG Export Pipeline Network

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Fuqing LNG Export Pipeline Network 福建福清LNG外输管网 is a proposed LNG pipeline network in China.[1][2]


The pipeline starts at the Fujian LNG Terminal in Fujian, China to supply LNG to Fuqing, Fujian, China. More specifically, the pipeline would begin at the first station of Lianfeng in western Lianfeng Village, Donghang, Fuqing City, China, and would end at at a transmission station in Jingyang Town, Fuqing City, Fuzhou City.[1]

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Project details

  • Owner: PipeChina[1]
  • Capacity: 3.39 billion cubic meters per year[2]
  • Length: 107 kilometers[2]
  • Diameter: DN 1060 millimeters[2]
  • Status: Proposed[2]
  • Start year:


Articles and resources


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