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G2 LNG Terminal is a cancelled LNG export terminal in Cameron Parish, Louisiana, United States. The proposal was shelved in 2017 and relaunched in 2020, and then cancelled in 2023.[1][2]


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Project Details

  • Owner: G2 Net-Zero LNG LLC[3]
  • Parent: G2 Net-Zero LNG LLC
  • Location: Cameron Parish, Louisiana, United States[4]
  • Coordinates: 29.811571, -93.3596 (approximate)
  • Capacity: 13 million tonnes per annum (mtpa)(1.3 mtpa per train)[5]
  • Status: Cancelled[2]
  • Cost: US$15 billion[6]
  • Type: Export[4]
  • Trains: 10[5]
  • Start Year: 2027[4]

Note: mtpa = million tonnes per year; bcfd = billion cubic feet per day


G2 LNG Terminal is a proposed LNG export terminal in Louisiana, United States.[7] G2 LNG is being developed in partnership with NET Power, Siemens Energy Inc., and EJM Associates LLC.[8] G2 filed a Free Trade Agreement / non-Free Trade Agreement license to export application with the US Department of Energy in March of 2015, and was granted the Free Trade Agreement export license in July of 2015. The formal application to the Federal Energy and Regulatory Commission (FERC) was filed in the 2nd quarter of 2016. The $11 billion project will be constructed on the Calcasieu River Ship Channel in Cameron Parish, Louisiana. The terminal will potentially service customers in Asia, Europe, India, and the Caribbean.[9] The G2 LNG Chairman, Charles Roemer, is a former Louisiana governor.

Despite having been proposed in 2015, as of August 2019 developers had not yet filed formal applications with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)[10], nor had developers announced any financing decisions.[11] Upstream reported that the project had been shelved in 2017 and relaunched in 2020.[1]

In May 2021, developers published a press release on the project's status, citing a recently completed pre-FEED (Front End Engineering Design) report. As a result of the report, developers committed to pushing the project forward, which will be online as early as 2027.

The developers of G2 state that the project will generate electricity and industrial gases including argon, blue ammonia, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen, and that it will implement carbon capture and storage (CCS) to capture 4 million tons of CO2 annually.[8] A letter of intent with collaborator NET Power suggests that G2 would employ NET Power's Allam-Fetvedt Cycle technology which could allow for full capture of emissions from liquefaction.[4] The project's collaboration with NET Power If completed, it would be the world's first LNG export and industrial gas production complex promising net-zero carbon emissions from upstream to dockside.[4]

In November 2022, the developers were reportedly seeking US$15 billion in financing for the facility.[6]

In April 2023, G2 decided to cancel its plans for the facility, stating in a filing to the U.S. Department of Energy, “Since submitting its applications for LNG export authorization, G2 LNG’s corporate focus has shifted away from LNG export activities to development of net-zero greenhouse gas emission energy products.” LNG Prime reported that Tellurian, the sponsor of Driftwood LNG Terminal, had paid US$24.6 million for the lease of G2's land in Cameron Parish, Louisiana.[2]

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