Gadarwara power station (BLA)

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Gadarwara power station is a 90-megawatt (MW) coal-fired power station of BLA Power for Madhya Pradesh, India.


The map below shows Gadarwara taluk, the location where the plant would be built.

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A consultancy executive summary for the project states that the plant will be 140 MW.[1] BLA states on its website that it is setting up a 320 MW thermal power plant along with a 1 Million Ton Cement plant at Tehsil Gadarwara.[2]

The consultancy report states that the plant is for decentralized generation of power at Gadarwara, and that the 150 acres of land required for the plant has been already procured by BLA Power. BLA Industries is operating coal mines at Gotitoria, about 30 km from the proposed site for the plant. The coal from the mine, the quality of which varies from grade D to grade F, will be used as fuel for the plant. The daily coal requirement of the power plant (for 2 x 20 MW) considering 100% ‘F’ Grade coal is about 2800 Tonnes - about 1250 Tonnes of coal ash will be generated per day, which will have to be disposed.[1]

Water will be sourced from the Narmada River, about 12 km from the project site. The average requirement of raw water (for 2 x 70 MW) is about 9100 m3/day. Madhya Pradesh Water Resource Department has agreed for the allocation of required water for the project.[1]

One 45 MW unit was commissioned by BLA in Gadarwara taluk in 2012, and works on two more 45 MW units were reported as underway in 2014.[3] A Google Earth satellite photo dated April 11, 2014 appears to show two completed units but no further construction activity.

According to the monthly Broad Status Report for November 2016, construction of Unit 2 was on hold.[4]

Unit 2 was commissioned in June 2019.[5]

Based on lack of progress for Phase II (Units 3 and 4) of the project, it appears as of 2019 to be abandoned or cancelled.

Project Details

Sponsor: BLA Power
Location: Village Niwari, Gadarwara taluk, Narsinghpur district, Madhya Pradesh, India
Coordinates: 22.9581661, 78.7328929 (exact)
Status: Operating (Units 1-2), Cancelled (Units 3-4)
Nameplate capacity: 180 MW (Units 1-4: 45 MW)
Type: Subcritical
Start year: 2012 (Unit 1), 2019 (Unit 2)
Coal Type:
Coal Source: coal mines at Gotitoria
Estimated annual CO2:
Source of financing:

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