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The Gare Pelma power station is a proposed 2,640- to 4,000-megawatt (MW) coal-fired power station in Chhattisgarh, India.


The project is connected with the as-yet-undeveloped Gare Pelma Sector II block, which is located near Gharghoda in Raigarh District. The map below shows the proposed location for the project in Gharghoda village.

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In 2006 Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation TANGEDCO's predecessor TNEB was allotted the Gare Pelma Sector II coal block along with Maharashtra State Mining Corporation by the Ministry of Coal. The companies have formed a joint venture company, Ltd (MTCL) to develop the coal deposit. The Gare Pelma power station would be a pit-head power station at the Gare Pelma Sector II coal block in Raigarh District. In late 2011 TANGEDCO stated that "detailed exploration work is being carried out" and "is likely to be completed by March 2012. It has been proposed to install a pithead power station utilizing TANGEDCO’s share of coal received from this mine." TANGEDCO states that in August 2011 a Letter of Award (LOA) was issued to M/s. Lanco Infratech Ltd as Mine Developer and Operator (MDO) for both the mine and, using TANGEDCO's share of the coal, the power station.[1]

A 2011 news report stated the proposed power station would be 3,000 megawatts.[2]

According to an August 2011 press report, Lanco Infratech announced that it had been the successful bidder as a mine developer for the Gare Pelma Sector II coal block. Lanco also said it will develop a 2000 MW power pit head project associated with the coal block.[3] According to an earlier report, the Gare Pelma Sector II coal block is one of the biggest coal blocks in India which has environmental clearance and has not fallen into the "no-go" blocks designated by the Ministry of Environment and Forests. In addition, the area of the block does not have activity by Naxalite forces. According to the same report, 35 big and small players showed interest in the project "because of its unique location and huge reserves of coal." These included Tata Power, Reliance Energy, Adani Power, and Larsen & Toubro.[4]

In 2013 the project was listed as 2,000 MW, and infrastructure developer Lanco Infratech expected to start coal production by end-2015 or early-2016. The company also stated that “The potential sites for power plant have been identified and technical assessment is in progress." However, it was also reported that Lanco had large debts and was looking for a strategic investor to sell a minority stake in the 2,000 MW thermal plant and coal block project it won from Mahatamil Collieries Ltd (MTCL).[5] [6]

In May 2014 M/s Mahatamil Mining and Thermal Energy Ltd. was issued a terms of reference for a 4,000 MW power station in Garghoda village.[7]

In March 2015 it was reported that the Gare Palma cluster of coal blocks were up for bid and "had emerged as most sought after among the 29 state-owned entities who are vying for allotment of 43 Schedule II and III coal blocks." Lanco was listed as the previous owner of Sector II.[8]

In April 2015 it was reported that the state of Maharashtra proposed to set up a pithead power plant in Chhattisgarh, sized at 2640 MW (4 x 660 MW). Maharashtra received the nod to use the Gare Palma Sector II block, which is considered capable of yielding 24 tonnes of coal per annum for 30 years, winning out over five other steps. It is not clear whether the proposal would have to initiate a new set of permits.[9]

As of December 2019 the project has yet to receive environmental clearance toward a 4,000 MW plant nor permits toward a 2,640 MW plant, and plans appear to be deferred or abandoned.

Project Details

  • Sponsor: State of Maharashtra
  • Capacity: 2,640 MW (4 x 660 MW)
  • Projected In-Service:
  • Location: Garghoda village, Raigarh district, Chhattisgarh[1]
  • Coordinates: 22.1525, 83.352778 (exact)
  • Status: Cancelled
  • Coal Consumption:
  • Coal Source: Mahatamil Collieries Gare Palma Sector II coal block[1]
  • Permits and applications: Terms of Reference, India MoEF, May 7, 2014

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