Gifts to Queensland Government ministers from coal & related companies and key individuals

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The Queensland government has a gifts register for Minister's which requires them to report all gifts received in the official duties. 'Gifts to Queensland Government ministers from coal & related companies and key individuals in the coal, energy and infrastructure sector who have made gifts to Minister's since the Newman government took office in March 2012, based on data from the official registers, are set out below.

Gifts July 2012 - 2014

Donor Recipient Item Description Date Received by Minister Gift Value Location
Macmines Jeff Seeney Silver .999 commerorative Panda coin in wooden box 18/09/2012 $400.00 Display[1]
Dr GV Krishna Reddy GVK Power & Infrastructure Ltd Campbell Newman Silver Filigree Tray 3/12/2012 $3,000.00 Display[2]
Mr Gautam Adani, Chairman Adani Group Campbell Newman Alchemy de Luxe silver and rock crystal compass 2/12/2012 $2,400.00 Display[2]
Dr GV Krishna Reddy GVK Power & Infrastructure LTD Campbell Newman Lladro Veena Ganesha porcelain figurine 3/12/2012 $1,250.00 Display[2]
Mr Hiroshi Tamabuchi, Gas Bureau Andrew Cripps Small framed Japanese Cloisonné glass floral artwork 11/10/2012 $180.00 Display[2]
Gladstone Ports Corporation Scott Emerson 2x Caps, 1x Wooden Compass, 1xPortefeuille, 1x USB 16/01/2013 $210.00 Retained by Emerson[3]
New Hope Group Campbell Newman Authentic Miners Lamp and Shirt 5/09/2012 $214.00 Retained by Newman[3]
The Hon Narendra Modi Chief Minister of Gujarat Campbell Newman Framed Embroidered artwork by Rogan Printing and Shrugan embroidered wall hanging 2/12/2012 $320.00 Display[3]
Mr Yong-il Lee, Executive Vice-President Posco E&C Tim Nicholls Ornament Box with Shell Decoration 24-Jul-13 $195.00 Retained by Nicholls[4]
Shandong Energy, Beijing China Campbell Newman Chinese Inscripted Tablet & Silk Scroll 23-Sep-13 $220.00 Ministerial Services Bureau for auction[4]
Adani Mining Jeff Popp Silver Plate 27-Aug-13 $575.00 Display[4]
GVK Jeff Popp Round Silver Plate 28-Aug-13 $400.00 Display[4]
GVK Jeff Seeney Silver Peacock Figurine 28-Aug-13 $880.00 Display[4]
Adani Mining Jeff Seeney Silver Bowl 27-Aug-13 $740.00 Display[4]

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