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The Glenbrook Steel Mill, the only steel mill in New Zealand, is owned by New Zealand Steel, a subsidiary of Bluescope Steel. The Glenbrook Steel Mill is located approximately 60 kilometres south of Auckland. New Zealand Steel is owned by BlueScope Steel.[1]

Coal supply

New Zealand Steel's Glenbrook steel mill is the second largest domestic consumer of New Zealand coal, consuming approximately 800,000 tonnes a year.[2] Coal for the plant is supplied from the Huntly East mine and the Rotowaro Opencast Mine, accounting for 95%[3] and 25% respectively of the two mines. Both mines are owned by Solid Energy, a government-owned coal mining company.[4] (The Huntly Power Station, which is owned and operated by Genesis Energy, is the largest consumer).

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New Zealand Steel
Mission Bush Road
Private Bag 92121
Auckland 1142
New Zealand
Phone: +64 9 375 8999
Fax: +64 9 375 8213

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