Gorgon and Jansz Feed Gas Pipeline

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The Gorgon and Jansz Feed Gas Pipeline is an operating natural gas pipeline.[1]


The pipeline runs from the undersea Gorgon Gas Field and the undersea Jansz-Io Gas Field to Barrow Island, Western Australia, and from Barrow Island to the Dampier to Bunbury Gas Pipeline in Dampier, Western Australia.

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Project Details

  • Operator: Chevron
  • Parent Company: Chevron
  • Current Capacity: 300 terajoules per day (277.4 million cubic feet per day)
  • Length: 137 Miles / 220 kilometers
  • Status: Operating
  • Start Year: 2017


The Gorgon and Jansz Feed Gas Pipeline is owned and operated by Chevron.[2] The pipeline gathers gas from the Greater Gorgon gas fields and delivers it to the Barrow Island LNG Facility.[3] 'Greater Gorgon' refers to a grouping of several gas fields, including Gorgon, Chandon, Geryon, Orthrus, Maenad, Eurytion, Urania, Chrysaor, Dionysus, Jansz-Io, and West Tryal Rocks, situated in the Barrow sub-basin of the Carnarvon Basin. The Gorgon field is centered about 130 km off the northwest coast of Western Australia, where the water depth is approximately 200 m (120 ft.).

The Gorgon and Jansz-Io gas fields are estimated to contain 35.3 trillion cubic feet (990 billion cubic meters) of natural gas and may have a lifespan of 60 years.[4]

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