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R.D. Green Station is a coal-fired power station owned and operated by Big Rivers Electric Corporation near Robards, Kentucky.


The undated satellite photo below shows the power station at 9000 Hwy. 2096 in Robards, Kentucky. Pictured below are both Green Station and Big Rivers's Robert Reid Power Plant.

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Plant Data

  • Owner: Big Rivers Electric Corporation
  • Plant Nameplate Capacity: 528 MW (Megawatts)
  • Units and In-Service Dates: 264 MW (1979), 264 MW (1981)
  • Location: 9000 Hwy. 2096, Robards, KY 42452
  • GPS Coordinates: 37.645833, -87.503056
  • Coal Consumption:
  • Coal Source:
  • Number of Employees:
  • Unit retirements: The plant is planned for closure in 2022.[1]

Planned retirement

According to the 2020 Integrated Resource Plan of Big Rivers Electric Corporation, the Green coal plant will be suspended by June of 2022 in order to comply with EPA regulations. According to the company: "Converting the units to natural gas as a capacity only resource is currently uneconomic and would involve regulatory risk, but Big Rivers will continue to examine the feasibility of that approach. A recent (August 2020) EPA order may create an opportunity to extend the life of the Green units through December 31, 2028. Analysis of that opportunity is ongoing at the deadline for submitting this IRP."[1]

Pollution controls

To comply with the EPA Transport Rule, Big Rivers had been planning to install scrubbers for sulfur dioxide at its D.B Wilson plant in Centertown, at a cost of about $139 million, and a selective catalytic reduction to curb nitrogen oxides at its Robert D. Green plant in Robards, at a cost of about $81 million. One day after a federal appeals court struck down the rule in August 2012, Big Rivers said it was scrapping the pollution control plans to save its customers about $225 million.[2]

Emissions Data

  • 2006 CO2 Emissions: 3,923,035 tons
  • 2006 SO2 Emissions:
  • 2006 SO2 Emissions per MWh:
  • 2006 NOx Emissions:
  • 2005 Mercury Emissions:

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