Gulfstream Natural Gas Pipeline

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Gulfstream Natural Gas Pipeline is an operating natural gas pipeline.[1]


The pipeline runs from Mississippi and Alabama under the Gulf of Mexico to Florida.[1]

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Project Details

  • Operator: Spectra Energy Partners, LP (50%); Williams Partners, L.P. (50%)[2]
  • Capacity: 1.31 billion cubic feet per day[1]
  • Length: 745 miles / 1199 km[1]
  • Status: Operating[1]
  • Start Year: 2002[1]


The Gulfstream Natural Gas Pipeline is operated by Williams Partners L.P. It is jointly owned by Williams (50%) and Spectra Energy Partners L.P. (50%).[3] It was the first and is still the largest gas pipeline in the Gulf of Mexico.[4]

Expansion Projects

According to the U.S.'s Energy Information Agency (EIA), the expansion will increase the operating pressure of the Gulfstream pipeline, to serve Tampa Electric Company's Big Bend power plant.[5] The project is a part of a larger project aimed at converting the Big Bend Power Plant from coal to natural gas.[6]

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Expansion Project Details

  • Operator: Williams Partners L.P.[1]
  • Proposed capacity: 78 MMcf/d[5]
  • Length: 6.4 kilometers / 4 miles[5]
  • Diameter: 36-inches[5]
  • Status: Proposed[5]
  • Start Year: 2022[5]

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