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The Hekinan power station is a 4,100-megawatt (MW) coal-fired power station in Chūbu, Japan.


The photo below shows the plant in Hekinan, Aichi.

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The supercritical coal plant is owned by Chubu Electric Power Company. Coal is imported. It consists of the following units:[1][2][3]

  • Units 1-3: 700 MW each, commissioned 1991-93
  • Units 4&5: 1000 MW each, commissioned 2001 & 2002

2014 fire temporarily shuts unit

In January 2014 Platts reported that as a result of a fire in a coal pulveriser, which burned for over two hours, the company was temporarily forced to shut the 700 MW No. 3 unit at the plant.[4]

Showcasing coal to developing nations

As part of a plan to build coal-burning plants in the developing world, Japan is using the Hekinan plant to showcase its most "efficient" technology, according to an August 2015 report in Politico. "Tetsuya Watabe, general manager of Chubu Electric’s 4,100-megawatt Hekinan Thermal Power Station, Japan’s largest coal plant, said in an interview that within the last year alone, power plant operators and government officials from Thailand, China, Myanmar, India and Indonesia have visited the site as they consider building new coal plants in their countries."[5] In November 2017 the sponsor of a proposed 1,280 MW coal-fired plant in Hpa-An, Karen State, Myanmar attempted to promote the plant by organizing a trip for residents to visit the Hekinan power station. This tactic was unsuccessful as Myanmar's Union Minister of Electricity and Energy U Win Khaing announced in March 2018 that the plant will not be built.[6]

Transition to ammonia-fueled operations

In November 2020 JERA began tests in which ammonia was used to co-fire Units 4 and 5 at the plant, as part of a long-term plan to shift its most inefficient plants to 100% ammonia.[7]

Project Details

Sponsor: JERA[8]
Parent Company: Chubu Electric Power, TEPCO
Location: Mikawa Bay, Aichi, Japan
Coordinates: 34.834612, 136.9593356 (exact)
Status: Operating
Nameplate capacity: 4,100 MW (Units 1-3: 700 MW; Units 4&5: 1000 MW)
Type: Units 1-2: Supercritical; Units 3: Ultra-supercritical; Units 4-5: Ultra-supercritical and ammonia
In service: Unit 1: 1991; Unit 2: 1992; Unit 3: 1993; Unit 4: 2001; Unit 5: 2002
Coal Type: Hard coal
Coal Source: Imported
Coal consumption: approximately 10 million tonnes a year[2]
Estimated annual CO2: 18,664,000 tons[9]
Source of financing:

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