Hewett Pipeline System

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Hewett Pipeline System is a gas pipeline system in the North Sea offshore from the United Kingdom.[1]


The pipeline runs from the Hewett gas field and Indefatigable gas field to Bacton, UK.[2]

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Pipeline Details

  • Owner:
  • Capacity:
  • Length: 95 km / 59.03 miles[3]
  • Diameter: 2X 30 inch pipelines
  • Status: Operating
  • Start Year:


The Hewett Pipeline System carries gas from the Hewett, Dawn, Delilah and Della fields. Gas is transported from the North Sea to the Bacton Gas Terminal, where it's treated to meet Transco’s National Transmission System (NTS) needs. As of September 2010, the maximum throughput in the Hewett Pipeline System was ca 50 mmscfd, compared to a design capacity of 900 mmscfd, and there is therefore considerable spare capacity in the pipeline system.[1]

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