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Hindalco Industries, a subsidiary of India's Aditya Birla Group, describes itself as the "world's largest aluminium rolling company and one of the biggest producers of primary aluminium in Asia". The company is also a major copper producer.[1]

Coal power projects

Hindalco are building or proposing a series of coal-fired power stations and coal mines in conjunction with new alumina and aluminium plants in India. These are:[2]

  • the Aditya Aluminium power station, a 900MW power station to supply the Aditya Alumina and Aluminium Project in Orissa. Hindalco states that "The project also has a 20 million-tpa joint venture coal mine at Ib Valley, coal blocks Talabira II and III, Orissa, and a 900-MW captive power plant at Lapanga."
  • Mahan Aluminium power station, a 900MW plant to supply the Mahan Aluminium Project. The company states that the "project has access to the Mahan coal block (off the main basin in the Singrauli coal fields) through a joint venture with Essar Power. Hindalco’s share in the coal block is about 3.6 million mtpa." It also states that the project was scheduled to be commissioned in October 2011.
  • the Jharkhand Aluminium power station, a 900MW plant to supply the proposed Jharkhand Aluminium smelter at Sonahatu, fifty-five kilometers from Ranchi. Hindalco states that "in a joint venture, with Tata Power, we own a Coal Mine (Tubed) in the Auranga coal fields at Jharkhand. The coal mine has a capacity of 6 million tpa." The company states that the project is expected to be commissioned in mid-2015.

Coal ash breach

On August 16, 2012, the Odisha State Pollution Control Board ordered closure of the Hindalco power plant due to a breach in its ash pond causing damage to nearby crop areas. Water Initiatives Odisha reported that the company only shut down one 67.5 MW of the 367.5 MW plant.[3]

Contact details

Hindalco Industries Ltd
Century Bhavan, 3rd floor
Dr. Annie Besant Road
Mumbai 400 030
Tel: 91-22-6662 6666
Fax: 91-22-2436 2516 / 2422 7586
Website: http://www.hindalco.com/

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