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Hindustan Powerprojects is a privately owned Indian company in the power generation industry. The company was formerly known as Moser Baer.[1] The company has interests in coal mining, coal-fired power stations, hydro and solar power stations.[2]

Coal fired power stations

On its website Hindustan Power Projects states that it was incorporated in 2008 with the aim of becoming a major player in the power generation sector. The company states that it "aims at having a thermal generation portfolio of 5000-6000 MW by 2015 ... Currently Hindustran Power Projects is developing three Thermal Power Generation Projects with a combined generation capacity of around 4000 MW in the states of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh."[3]

The projects are as follows:

  • Anuppur Thermal Power Project, a 2520 MW coal based Thermal Power project in the district Anuppur, Madhya Pradesh comprising four 660MW units. The first phase, comprising the first two units, is currently under construction. The company states that "coal for the project will be sourced from South Eastern Coalfields and water will be sourced from River Son."[4]
  • Birra Thermal Power Project, a 1320 MW (2X660 MW) coal based super critical project in district Champa, Chhattisgarh. The company states that it is "actively pursuing various pre-developmental activities to achieve the planned Commercial Operation of this project by 2014;"[4]
  • The company also states that it "plans to develop projects in Andhra Pradesh, Jharkhand and Orissa with an aggregate capacity of around 3000 MW by 2015-16."[4]

Contact details

235, Okhla Industrial Estate
Phase III
New Delhi, 110020
Tel: +91-11-476 24 100
Website: http://www.moserbaerprojects.com/index.asp

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