Anuppur Thermal Power Project

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Annupur Thermal Power Project is a 1,200-megawatt (MW) coal-fired power station in Madhya Pradesh, India.

An additional 1,320 MW was proposed but subsequently cancelled.


The project is located at Laharpur Murra, Guwari, Belia, and Jethari villages. The photograph below shows the site where the plant is being built.

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The project is proposed by by Hindustan Power Projects (formerly Moser Baer).

Phase I: 1200 MW

The first phase is two 600 MW subcritical units. The company states that "coal for the project will be sourced from South Eastern Coalfields and water will be sourced from River Son."[1]

In January 2011, Moser Baer announced that the Macquarie SBI Infrastructure Fund (MSIF) and the State Bank of India (SBI) will invest in the plant.[2]

In the May 2013 issue of Power Today, Moser Baer Projects Private Ltd Thermal Division CED L R Shrivastan said that the Anuppur Phase 1, with 2 x 600 MW capacity, was about 60 percent complete and would be commissioned "by early next year."[3] In November 2014, it was listed as under construction by the India Central Electrical Authority.[4]

Hindustan Powerprojects commissioned the 600 MW Unit 1 in May 2015. The unit had a total cost of Rs 8,000 crores.[5] In July 2015 the Ministry of Power said unit 2 was planned for February 2016.[6] Unit 2 was commissioned in March 2016.[7]

Financing for Phase I

In November 2009, a financing agreement for Phase I was closed. SBI and Axis Bank (as the lead banks), L&T Infrastructure, State Bank of Patalia, and State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur agreed to provide Rs 4680 crore in loans.[8][9] In January 2011, a second financing agreement was closed. SBI and the Macquarie SBI Infrastructure Fund agreed to provide US$130 million in loans to the project.[8] The sponsor agreed to provide US$212,402,183 in equity to the project.[9]

Phase II: 1320 MW

In April 2010, a phase II expansion of two 660 MW units received a terms of reference to conduct an environmental impact assessment.[10] As of March 2014, Hindustan Power Projects continued to list a second phase of 1320 MW.[1]

In legal documents dated July 2015 regarding the tariff for the plant, Hindustan stated that "due to non-availability of coal either through linkages or mines, Phase II is still in the conceptual stage and its implementation shall be taken up only after firm availability of coal."[11]

Hindustan rejects future coal plants

In March 2014, Hindustan Power Projects chairman Ratul Puri stated the company would not build further coal plants: “I’ve stopped developing coal plants. There’s not enough coal, and I’m not going to rely on imported coal. It’s too risky.”[12]

Project Details

Sponsor: Hindustan Power Projects (formerly Moser Baer)
Location: Laharpur Murra, Guwari, Belia, and Jethari villages, located in Jaithari and Annupur tehsils, Annupur district, Madhya Pradesh
Coordinates: 23.06633, 81.7859146 (exact)

  • Phase I, Unit 1: Operating (2015)
  • Phase I, Unit 2: Operating (2016)
  • Phase II: Cancelled


  • Phase I: 2 x 600 MW
  • Phase II: 2 x 660 MW


Coal Type:
Coal Source: South Eastern Coalfields
Estimated annual CO2:
Source of financing: Phase 1: US$637,258,426 in debt from SBI, Axis Bank, L&T Infrastructure, State Bank of Patalia, and State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur;[8][9] US$130 million in debt from Macquarie SBI Infrastructure Fund (MSIF) and the State Bank of India (SBI);[8] US$212,402,183 in equity from the sponsor.[9]
Permits and applications:

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