Htantabin power station

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Htantabin power station was a proposed 270-megawatt (MW) coal-fired power station in Yangon, Myanmar. The proposal was cancelled in 2015.


The map below shows Htantabin Township, the approximate location where the plant would have been built.

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The proposed operators of Htantabin power station were the Huaneng Lancangjiang Hydropower Co. of China and Htoo Trading Co. of Burma. It was proposed that the power be supplied to factories in three industrial zones of Yangon (Rangoon).[1] It would be 270 megawatts and located in Htantabin.[2]

The memorandum of understanding (MoU) for the project was signed in January 2010. In 2015, it was reported that the project was being cancelled due to coal port problems. The nature of the MoU stated the project was to be cancelled after 30 months if it could not be implemented.[3]

Project Details

  • Sponsor: Huaneng Lancang, Htoo Trading
  • Parent company:
  • Developer:
  • Location: Htantabin Township, Yangon, Myanmar
  • Coordinates: 17.1333, 95.91667 (approximate)
  • Status: Cancelled
  • Capacity: 270 MW (2 x 135 MW)
  • Type: Subcritical
  • Start date:
  • Coal Type:
  • Coal Source: Imported
  • Source of financing:

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