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Huaneng Zhengning power station (华能甘肃能源正宁电厂) is a proposed 1,320-megawatt (MW) coal-fired power plant in Gansu Province, China.

Longer-term plans call for an additional 4,000 MW.


The undated satellite photo below shows the proposed location for the plant in Zhengning County.

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Background on Project

China Huaneng is currently planning to build a two-unit coal-fired power plant with a total planned capacity of 1,320 MW in Gansu Province.[1] The plant received EIA clearance in March 2014 and was permitted for construction in December 2014.[2][3][4]

An additional 4,000 MW has been proposed.[5] In the "13th 5-year Energy Development Plan for Gansu Province", issued in September 2017, the second phase of Zhengning power plant is a back-up supporting coal power plant for the Eastern Gansu UHV transmission line. The feasibility study has been completed.[6]

In January 2017 China's National Energy Administration suspended over 100 planned and under-construction coal power projects, including Huaneng Zhengning Units 1-2. Under the suspension, project development should be postponed to China's 14th Five Year period (2021-2025).[7] For details, see China's Restrictions on Development of Coal-Fired Power Capacity.

In January 2019 it was reported that Gansu Province is pushing the project forward, while China Huaneng is reluctant to pursue the project due to poor market conditions and uncertain coal supply.[8]

Construction on phase II of 4 x 1,000 MW coal units were put out for bidding in March 2020.[9]

The project reportedly planned construction begin at the end of 2020, and aimed commissioning in 2023. [10]By April 2021, construction does not begin yet.

Project Details

  • Sponsor: Huaneng Gansu Energy Development Co[11]
  • Owner: Huaneng Gansu Energy Development Co
  • Parent company: China Huaneng
  • Location: Zhuozitou Village, Zhoujia Town, Zhengning County, Qingyang Prefecture, Gansu Province, China
  • Coordinates: 35.268403, 107.975564 (exact)
  • Status: Permitted (Units 1-2), Pre-permit development (Units 3-6)
  • Gross capacity: Phase I: 1,320 MW (Units 1-2: 660 MW); Phase II: 4,000 MW (Units 3-6: 1,000 MW)
  • Type: Ultra-Supercritical
  • Projected in service:
  • Coal type:
  • Coal source:
  • Source of financing:

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