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Hybrid Energy Australia is a small Adelaide headquartered energy company. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ASX-listed and Perth-based oil and gas exploration and production company Strike Oil Limited.[1]

Proposed coal-fired power stations

  • FuturGas Project, South Australia is a proposal by Hybrid Energy Australia for a 300 megawatt brown coal fired power station. In November 2007 it was stated that the project would be subject to a two-year feasibility study. The project has a notional commissioning date of 2015.[2] The company states that the project "will include the development of both a coal-to-liquids conversion facility and a low-emissions power generation plant which will comprise the FuturGas facility - as well as next generation technology that will capture, transport and store carbon dioxide emissions from the FuturGas facility. The exact order and timing of the Project will be determined following the completion of the current Feasiblity Study and the FuturGas Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) during 2011. The specific location of the FuturGas facility will be determined by the results of the Feasibility Study."[3]

Contact Details

Level 4 (East), 33 King William Street
T +61 8 8113 4200
F +61 8 8231 4329
Website: http://www.hybridenergyaustralia.com.au/comp_overview.htm

Articles and Resources


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