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Isabela power station is a proposed 100-megawatt (MW) coal-fired power plant in Isabela province in the Philippines.


The map below shows the location of Cauayan City, the approximate location where the plant would be built in Isabela Province.

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Background on Plant

In 2009, PNOC Exploration Company, a subsidiary of Philippine National Oil Company, resumed plans to build a 50-100 MW mine-to-mouth coal-fired power plant near the city of Cauayan in Isabela province. An application for environmental permits was filed with DENR in 2003.[1] The company's board approved the Land Acquisition and Resettlement Plan in March 2012, and began notifications of affected residents.[2]

While reports in April 2010 indicated that the company planned to start construction in 2011 and complete the plant in 2013, a report in September 2011 indicated that PNOC was looking for investors for the project.[3][4] More recent information about the progress of the project is not available, and sources indicate that the project has been deferred.

In May 2015, the company provided the following status update on the project:[5]

This project is being undertaken by virtue of Coal Operating Contract (COC) 122 awarded by the Department of Energy (DOE) to PNOC EC on 23 December 1997, giving the company exclusive exploration rights over nine (9) coal blocks, totaling 9,000 hectares. COC 122 was converted to “development and production” contract from “exploration” contract in 2002. In addition, COC 141 was awarded to PNOC EC, which is north of COC 122 and consisting three (3) blocks.
In 2010, PNOC EC was granted the Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) for both coal mine and power plant by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). Consequently, the Cauayan City Field Office was established which serves as the temporary station of field-based personnel.
In 2011, the PNOC EC Board approved the development of the Project under the JV scheme consistent with the “Competitive Selection” mode of the 2008 NEDA JV Guidelines.
On 23 January 2014, PNOC EC sent a letter to NEDA-ICC requesting approval of PNOC EC’s JV proposal to undertake the development of the Isabela Coal Mine Development Project in compliance with the 2013 NEDA Revised JV Guidelines.
On 15 July 2014, PNOC EC’s JV proposal was presented to the NEDA ICC – Technical Board (NEDA-ICC TB) and to the NEDA ICC – Cabinet Committee on 5 August 2015. The ICC-Cabinet Committee deferred to take action pending, among others, the project approval of the GCG and the proof of PNOC EC’s financial capability to undertake the project.
On 25 September 2014, NEDA ICC formally requested DOF Corporate Affairs Group (DOF CAG) to review PNOC EC’s proposal.
During the year, PNOC EC also continued conduct of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Information, Education, Communication (IEC) activities for the project.

A 2016 presentation on mine-mouth power plants stated that "Target start of construction of 50-100 MW [PNOC Isabela] mine mouth plant was disapproved in 2015 pending company’s show of financial capability." PNOC is still seeking sponsors for the Isabela plant and Sibuguey power station, but plans for both appear to be deferred pending securing a financial partner.[6]

As of November 2018 there had been no progress on the project in over four years and it appears to have been cancelled.

Project Details

  • Sponsor: PNOC Exploration Company
  • Parent company: Philippine National Oil Company
  • Location: Cauayan City, Isabela Province, Philippines
  • Coordinates: 16.94, 121.77 (approximate)
  • Status: Cancelled
  • Gross Capacity: 50-100 MW
  • Type: Subcritical
  • Projected in service:
  • Coal Type:
  • Coal Source: Cauayan PNOC coal mine, Isabela, Philippines
  • Source of financing:

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