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JSW Energy is part of the JSW Group in India, controlled by the billionaire Jindal family.[1]The company is involved in all areas of power: Generation, Transmission, Distribution, Trading, and Mining in the States of Karanataka, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh. JSW Energy was incorporated in 1994, with the objective to develop, construct and operate power plants. The company has been in the business of power generation since 2000.[2]

According to its website, "JSW Energy has 1730 MW of operational generating capacity and 1410 MW of generating capacity in the construction or implementation phase. In addition, it has power generation projects at an early stage under development with a proposed combined installed capacity of 11390 MW by 2015." JSW Energy plans to increase its power generation capacity more than sixfold to 11,390 megawatts by 2015, according to its website.[2]

Coal power plants

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State Plant name Company MW Annual CO2 (tons)[3] Status Notes
Chhattisgarh Kukurda power station JSW Energy 1320 7,806,085 Advanced development http://bit.ly/wFXvf6
Jharkhand Baranda power station JSW Energy 1620 9,580,195 Proposed http://bit.ly/wFXvf6
Madhya Pradesh Chindwara JSW power station JSW Energy 1320 7,806,085 Proposed
Maharashtra Ratnagiri Power Plant expansion JSW Energy 3200 18,923,843 Deferred http://bit.ly/AmaS8K
Maharashtra Ratnagiri Power Plant JSW Energy 1200 7,096,441 Operating http://bit.ly/AmaS8K
Rajasthan Jallipa Kapurdi power station JSW Energy 1080 4,790,098 Construction
West Bengal Salboni 1 JSW Energy 300 1,774,110 Construction http://bit.ly/x4IBna
West Bengal Salboni 2 JSW Energy 660 3,903,043 Construction
West Bengal Salboni 3 JSW Energy 660 3,903,043 Construction

Coal imports

As of July 2011, JSW Energy imports coal from Indonesia and Australia to fuel its 1,730 megawatts of plants. JSW Energy has said it’s considering acquiring coal from suppliers in Russia and Latin America.[2]

In November 2010, JSW Energy agreed to buy Canada’s CIC Energy Corp. for C$422 million ($446 million), to secure its mines in Africa: CIC Energy is a small private sector energy company aiming to develop a number of coal-fired power stations and coal-based projects in Botswana. CIC Energy subsequently terminated the deal, saying it wouldn’t be completed by the May 31 deadline. JSW Energy said it continues to explore potential mine acquisitions.[4]

Proposed coal plant in Maharashtra's Ratnagiri district

In May 2011, farmers marched to protest coal plants in Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra, in an area known as the Konkan Coast. The protests were organized by the Ratnagiri Zilla Jagruk Manch, an organization leading a campaign against seven thermal power plants proposed for the district. In Pawas, Ratnagiri district, villagers protested with a hunger strike.[5][6]

Maharashtra is among India’s most industrialized states, and is seeking to make itself an "attractive investment destination" for manufacturers to maintain its primacy in the sector.[7]

In July 2011, JSW Energy said it was delaying expansion of a 3,200 MW coal plant in Ratnagiri as it waits for coal-pricing “clarity” from Indonesia and Australia.[8]

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