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Jiangmen LNG Terminal (江门广海湾LNG接收站) , also known as Guanghai Bay LNG Terminal, is a proposed LNG terminal in Guangdong, China.


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Project Details

  • Sponsor: Guangdong Guanghai Bay Energy Holding Co., Ltd. 广东广海湾能源控股有限公司[1]
  • Owner: Guangdong Energy Group 35.1%; Guangdong Jiufeng Group Energy Co., Ltd (广东九丰集团能源有限公司) 30%; Foran Energy Group Co.,Ltd.(佛然能源集团有限公司) 19.9%; Taishan Dawan Enterprise Management Co., Ltd.(台山大湾企业管理有限公司) 10%; Jiangmen City construction Investment Group (江门市城市建设投资集团有限公司) 5%.
  • Parent: Guangdong Energy Group
  • Location: Guanghai Bay, Jiangmen, Guangdong, China
  • Coordinates: 21.876111, 112.88815 (exact)
  • Capacity: 3 mtpa, 0.43 bcfd
  • Additional Proposed Capacity:
  • Status: Proposed
  • Type: Import
  • Start Year:

Note: mtpa = million tonnes per year; bcfd = billion cubic feet per day


Jiangmen LNG Terminal (江门广海湾LNG接收站) is a proposed LNG import terminal in Guangdong, China.[2]

China Huadian was the initial sponsor of the project in 2014. [3] China Huadian also planned a integrated gas power plant with it. China Huadian later dropped the project. [4]

Guangdong Jiufeng Group Energy Co., Ltd (广东九丰集团能源有限公司)and Jiangmen City construction Investment Group (江门市城市建设投资集团有限公司) established a joint venture Guangdong Guanghaiwan Energy Holding Co., Ltd. (广东广海湾能源控股有限公司) in 2019, sponsoring the project. [5]

On November 2020, Guangdong Energy Group, Foran Energy Group Co.,Ltd.(佛然能源集团有限公司) and Taishan Dawan Enterprise Management Co., Ltd.(台山大湾企业管理有限公司) joined the ownership of the LNG terminal project. [6]

The proposed received capacity was 6 mtpa, with 3 mtpa for the first phase.[6]

The location of the terminal is under discussion. The original location decided in 2014 is considered the most feasible option.[7]

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