Proskokovo-Achinsk-Krasnoyarsk-Kansk-Balagansk Gas Pipeline

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Proskokovo-Achinsk-Krasnoyarsk-Kansk-Balagansk Gas Pipeline (Проскоково – Ачинск – Красноярск – Канск – Балаганск) was a proposed gas pipeline in Russia. In March 2020, Gazprom reportedly stated that the plan for this pipeline is "frozen", since there is currently no economically viable and expedient option for a pipeline in this region. We therefore consider this project cancelled.[1]


The pipeline was planned to start in Yurginsky District, Kemerovo Oblast, Russia and run to Balagansk, Irkutsk Oblast, Russia.[2]

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Project Details

  • Owner: Gazprom[3]
  • Length: 1,600 kilometers[1]
  • Status: Cancelled[1]


A pipeline running from Yurginsky District to Balagansk, Russia is shown as a "prospective gas pipeline" on Gazprom's website as of October 2020[3] and in 2018 news reports,[4] but it was not shown on the Gazprom 2019 Annual Report.[5] The route proposed by Gazprom has been approved by the regional government in March 2020. However, in March 2020 Gazprom also commented that at the moment development in this region is not included in their plans, the idea itself is "frozen", since there is no option that would be economically viable and expedient.[1] This proposed pipeline may be replaced by Power of Siberia 2 Gas Pipeline which appears to be a more likely option for the region. [6]

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