Kern River Gas Pipeline

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Kern River Gas Pipeline is a proposed natural gas pipeline.[1]


The pipeline runs from Opal, Wyoming through Utah and Nevada to Daggett, California.

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Project Details

  • Current capacity: 1.76 billion cubic feet per day
  • Length: 1,679 miles / 2,702 km
  • Status: Operating
  • Start Year: 1991


The Kern River Gas Pipeline is owned and operated by Berkshire Hathaway Energy.[2]

In 2003, a system expansion added 716 miles (1,152.3 kilometers) and 900 million cubic feet per day of transport capacity. The pipeline has a diameter of 36-inches and cost US$1.3 billion to complete.[3]

Environmental Impact

A 1992 report by the U.S. Geological Survey documented the potential for the Kern River Gas Pipeline and other pipelines to damage the environment in the Mojave Desert. "Residual environmental effects of the pipeline installations described above include accelerated wind and water erosion and long-term loss of habitat. Accelerated wind erosion has resulted in property damage, public safety hazards, possibly deleterious health effects on humans and domestic and wild animals, and enlargement of damage to plant communities adjacent to construction corridors.[4]

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