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The Khairaha Underground Coal Mine is located in the Khairaha Geological block covering block area of about 7.2 sq km in Madhya Pradesh. The Khairaha UG Coal Mine is an expansion of coal production from the capacity of 0.585 Million Tonnes Per Anum (MTPA) to 0.828 Million Tonnes Per Anum (MTPA). The production from the mine commenced on 26th March 2012.


The satellite image below shows the area of the mine in Khairaha village, Shahdol District, Madhya Pradesh. It is located about 18 km southwest of Burhar town in the western part of Sohagpur coalfield, Shahdol District, Madhya Pradesh, India.

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Background on Mine

Initially, a project report was prepared with a capacity of 0.48 MTPA considering the semi-mechanized technology and submitted to SECL in February 1999. However, it was not approved since the desired level of IRR could not be achieved.

In September 2002, CMPDI, prepared a report with a capacity of 0.585 MTPA, considering one continuous package. This was approved on 25th September 2003 by CIL Board no SECL/BSP/CGM(P&P)/BOARD/40, dated 18/19-02-2014 with an initial capacity outlay of Rs 88.3303 Crores.

In 2019, a mining plan was prepared to enhance the production capacity from 0.585 to 0.828 MTPA, with one additional continuous miner package to enhance the production and utilization of existing resources and infrastructure.

Two seams, Seam VII and Seam VI B are being developed by deploying continuous miners and SDLs by board and pillar method of underground mining. Environmental clearance for the mine originally was granted on 28th July 2005. However, the mining operations did not start immediately due to the lack of consent to the establishment from the State Pollution Control Board. The production from the mine commenced on 26th March 2012. Environmental clearance for the expansion of the mine from the capacity of 0.585 MTPA to 0.828 MTPA was granted on 11th January 2019.[1]

Geology of the Coal mine The Khairaha Block has a gentle rolling topography with a general slope towards North. The area is situated in the drain valley of Son River. The block is located in Amlal-Burhar sub-basing of south Sohagpur Coalfield, the sub-basin extends from Bahiria village in the east to parnaps below the infra-trappean Lameta formation and the Deccan trap in the west.

Mine Details

  • Sponsor: Southern Eastern Coalfield Limited
  • Parent company: Coal India Limited
  • Location: Khairaha Village, near Burhar town, Shahdol District, Madhya Pradesh, India
  • GPS coordinates: 23° 08' 08" TO 23° 10' 23" N, 81° 26' 48" TO 81° 28' 16 " E
  • Status: Operating
  • Production Capacity: 0.585 MTPA
  • Total Resource: 29.24 Million Tonnes
  • Mineable Reserves: 10.25 Million Tonnes
  • Coal Type:
  • Mine Size: 472.065 ha
  • Mine Type: Underground
  • Start Year: 2012
  • Source of Financing:
  • Permits and Applications:

Expansion Details

  • Status: Operating
  • Size of Expansion: 0.819 MTPA
  • Permits and Applications: [1] Environment Clearance dated 11th January 2019

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