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Kirov CHPP-4 power station is a 353-megawatt (MW) power plant in Kirov province, Russia, of which 240-MW are coal-fired generation.


The undated satellite photo below shows the plant, which is near Kirov city, Kirov City district, Kirov province.

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Background on Plant

Construction on the Kirov-4 power plant began in 1957 as a two-unit peat-fueled power plant; this initial project was completed in 1963. Five boilers were added in a second stage in 1963-69, and four more boilers were added in a third stage in 1974-79. The plant runs on a combination of lignite coal, peat, natural gas, and fuel oil; several boilers have been modified over the years to switch or expand their fuelstock capability, including a $6-million renovation of the ninth boiler in 2009 that allowed the boiler to burn all four fuels. The plant is owned by Territorial Generating Company No. 5 (TGC-5), a subsidiary of Integrated Energy Systems (IES), which is in turn a subsidiary of the Renova Group.[1][2][3]

Description of Expansion

In April 2012, TGC-5 began work on a $110-million modernization project to decommission three obsolete boilers and replace them with two new boilers, a project which will expand the plant's capacity by 25 MW, from 320 to 345 MW. Work on the first new boiler, with capacity of 65 MW, was completed in December 2013; the second boiler, with 120 MW capacity, is scheduled to go online by the end of 2014.[1][4][5]

As the plant runs on four different fuels, and as three boilers are being decommissioned and two new ones added, it is unclear whether or not the plant's coal-burning capacity or average coal consumption will increase or decrease after the project is completed; Platts refers to the project as a new 65-MW coal-fired unit, which would seem to indicate that the first new boiler runs on coal, but it is unclear whether this will be the unit's only or primary fuelstock.[6]

In 2014 a refurbished Unit 5 providing 65 MW went online, and so did a refurbished Unit 6 providing 125 MW.[7]

Project Details for Expansion/Modernization

  • Sponsor: Territorial Generating Company No. 5 (TGC-5)
  • Parent company: Renova Group
  • Location: Kirov city, Kirov City district, Kirov province, Russia
  • Coordinates: 58.62092, 49.59485 (exact)
  • Status: Operating
  • Gross Capacity: 243 MW[1]
    • Unit 4: 50 MW
    • Unit 5: 65 MW
    • Unit 6: 125 MW
  • Type: Subcritical[6]
  • In service: 2014
  • Coal Type: Lignite
  • Coal Source:
  • Source of financing:

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