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Kiysassky coal mine is an open-pit coal mine, operated by SibAnthracite, and owned by VostokCoal, producing 9.3 million tonnes per annum, located 10 km from the village of Chuvashka, in the Kuzbass coalfield in the Kemerovo Oblast, central Southern Siberia, Russia.[1]

The company sells coal on the domestic and foreign markets of Western Europe and Asia-Pacific. About 50% of the enterprise's products are exported.[1]

The type of coal extracted is unclear as reports differ, between thermal coal[2] or blended coal for Pulverised Coal Injection (PCI)[1] used in steel making.


The map below shows the exact location of the mine, 12km southwest of Kazas, in Novokuznetsky District, Kemerovo Oblast, Russia.[3]

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Coal Mine Background

Kiyzassky received its first license in April 2012 and first transported coal from the mine in March 2014.[1]

The mine operates the pits Urelgolsky 5-6. Coal is transported from Kiyzassky mine by train. VostokCoal has built its own infrastructure, including a 30 km train-line. In 2014 VosktokCoal opened Uglepogruzochnaya railway station and loading facility. In 2018, the 9company launched the first stage of effluent facility.[1]


This mine lies in a heavily mined area, which was once intact taiga forest. The indigenous Shor people live in this region. Local people say that the coal mines which surround their village, including Kiyzassky pollute the water, making it undrinkable. The mines produce dust which blows off the waste tips and into the rivers. The animals have fled the area, leaving the Shor people heavily reliant on bought goods, rather than foraging and hunting their own food and medicines, as they have done in living memory.[4]

Project Details

  • Sponsor: SibAnthracite
  • Parent Company: VostokCoal
  • Location: 12km southwest of Kazas, Novokuznetsky District, Kemerovo Oblast, Russia
  • GPS Coordinates: 53.570833, 87.667500 (exact)
  • Status: Operating
  • Production Capacity: 9.3 million tons (in 2018)
  • Total Resource:
  • Mineable Reserves: 209 million tons[1]
  • Coal type: Unclear. Either thermal coal[2] or blended coal for Pulverised Coal Injection (PCI)[5]
  • Mine Size:
  • Mine Type: Opencast[1]
  • Start Year: 2012[1]
  • Source of Financing:


Additionally, a mine expansion has been proposed for the reserves at "Uregolsky" and "Uregolsky 5-6" sites of the "Uregolsky" coal deposit. It is expected to increase the annual production capacity to 13 mtpa, according to a document from the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation.[6]

Expansion details

  • Status: Proposed
  • Production Capacity: An increase of 3.7 mtpa to produce 13 mtpa[7]
  • Mineable Reserves:
  • Start Year:

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