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The La Francia Mine is a thermal coal mine owned and operated by Colombian Natural Resources (CNR) in El Paso, Cesar, Colombia. The mine previously produced more than 4 million tonnes per annum, but as of August 2020, has suspended operations indefinitely.[1][2]


The satellite photo below shows the location of the mine in El Paso, Cesar, Colombia.

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The La Francia mine is owned by CNR (Colombian Natural Resources), a subsidiary of Murray Energy.[2] Murray Energy purchased the mine in 2015 from Goldman Sachs[3], who in turn had acquired it from Coalcorp in 2010.[4][5] In selling its Colombian coal mining assets, Goldman Sachs cited "operational issues," which various news sources reported to include labor disputes, protests, legal challenges and more restrictive environmental regulations that had forced repeated shutdowns at the mine in recent years.[5][6][7] Goldman reportedly sold the mine for less than $10 million despite having paid $151 million for it five years prior.[3]

In 2019 the mine produced 4.1 million tons of thermal coal, or roughly 2% of Colombia's national production for the year. [2] However, in July 2020 CNR suspended operations at both the La Francia mine and its El Hatillo mine due to low coal prices, declining demand, narrow margins and disruptions caused by the global coronavirus pandemic.[1][2] As of August 2020, the owners reportedly hoped to resume operations in January 2021.[2]

Project Details

  • Sponsor: CNR (Colombian Natural Resources)
  • Parent Company: Murray Energy
  • Location: El Paso, Cesar, Colombia
  • GPS Coordinates: 9.652258, -73.534805 (exact)
  • Status: Mothballed (2020)[1][2]
  • Production Capacity: 4.1 million tonnes per annum[2]
  • Total Resource:
  • Mineable Reserves:
  • Coal type:
  • Mine Size:
  • Mine Type: Surface (open pit)[8]
  • Start Year:
  • Source of Financing:

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