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Lanco Amarkantak Thermal Power Project is an existing 600-megawatt (MW) coal fired plant in Chhattisgarh, India, owned and operated by Lanco Infratech. Two additional units of 660 MW each are under construction at the same location.


The satellite photo below shows the project in Pathadi village, Korba district. Planet satellite imagery from March 2018 confirms that the project remains on hold.[1]

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Stage I of the plant, which is owned by Lanco, comprises two 300 megawatt generating units commissioned in 2009 and 2010.[2][3][4]

Lanco sought and gained part funding for the project from the International Finance Corporation.[5]

Proposed expansion

Two additional units of 660 each are under construction, bringing the power station's total final capacity to 1,920 MW.[6][7]

The India government projects the new units will be commissioned in 2017-2018.[8][9]

According to the Broad Status Report, as of October 2016, "Presently no work is going at the site due to financial problems." The report also notes that land acquisition of land for water system is delayed, and that the schedule of implementation will be reassessed once work resumes.[10]


China Development Bank gave US$200 million Buyers’ Credit for units 3 & 4 (1320 MW) of Lanco Amarkantak Thermal Power Project, the 1320 MW Babandh power station, and the 1320 MW Vidarbha thermal power station being developed by Lanco Group.[11]


Stage I:

  • Unit 1 - 300 MW - 2009
  • Unit 2 - 300 MW - 2010

Stage II:

  • Unit 3 - 660 MW
  • Unit 4 - 660 MW

Project Details for Stage II Expansion

Sponsor: Lanco
Location: Pathadi village, Korba district, Chhattisgarh
Coordinates: 22.2420932, 82.7247334 (exact)
Status: Construction on hold
Capacity: 1320 MW (Units 3-4: 660 MW)
Type: Supercritical
Projected in service: 2017-2018
Coal Type:
Coal Source:
Estimated annual CO2: 7,806,085 tons
Source of financing: China Development Bank
Permits: Environmental Clearance extension for unit 4, India MoEF, June 22, 2015

Contact details

Village-Pathadi, P.O-Tilkeja,
Korba 495 674 Chhattisgarh, India
Phone No. +91-7759-279 938/ 915

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