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Larsen & Tubro describes itself as a "technology, engineering, construction and manufacturing company" and is headquartered in Mumbai, India.[1]

Coal power services

A Larsen & Tubro subsidiary company, L & T Power provides a range of services for the construction and engineering of coal and gas-fired power stations boasting on its website that it has assisted with "over 50 power plants" with "approximately 35,000 MW of power capacity."[2]

In December 2011 Larsen & Tubro executives met with West Bengal government officials to discuss the company's interest in establishing a 1600 megawatt coal-fired power station in the state. After the meeting the company stated that they wanted 1200 acres of land provided by the state government for the project and have adequate water supply, coal linkages and rail-access. The state government proposed three possible location but the Larsen & Tubro representative refused to state where they were.[3] See Larsen & Tubro power station for further details.

their interest

Contact details

Larsen & Toubro Limited
L&T House, Ballard Estate
P. O. Box: 278,
Mumbai 400 001, India
Email: ccdpr AT

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