Libya Coastal Gas Pipeline

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Libya Coastal Gas Pipeline is an existing natural gas pipeline, running from Mellitah to Benghazi, Libya.


The pipeline runs from Mellitah complex, Nuqat al Khams district, to Benghazi, Benghazi district, Libya.

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The Libya Coastal Gas Pipeline was completed in several phases, between 1983 and 2010. It is owned by the National Oil Corporation, a state-owned company. The eastern segment, between Benghazi and Brega, has a nominal capacity 410 million cubic feet per day (mmcf/day); the central segment, from Brega to Khoms, has a nominal capacity of 370 mmcf/day; and the western segment, from Khoms to the Mellitah complex, has a nominal capacity of 600 mmcf/day. However, poor maintenance, especially since the beginning of the Libyan Civil War in 2011, has degraded the pipeline's capacity.[1][2]

Expansion to Tobruk

Prior to 2011, NOC had plans to expand the pipeline eastwards from Benghazi, to Derna and Tobruk; however, since the fall of the Gaddafi regime in 2011, these plans have apparently been abandoned (both due to a lack of market demand, and due to the security situation).

Pipeline Details

  • Operator: National Oil Corporation
  • Parent Company: Government of Libya
  • Current capacity: 370/410/600 million cubic feet per day (mmcf/day) (3.82/4.23/6.2 billion cubic meters per year)
  • Length: 1,117 kilometers
  • Status: Operating
  • Start Year: 1983/1986/1997/1999/2010

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