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Litoral de Almería power station (also known as Carboneras power station) is a 1,159-megawatt (MW) coal-fired power station in Levante Almeriense, Almería, the province of Andalusia, Spain.[1]


The map below shows the location of the power station in Levante Almeriense, Almería, the province of Andalusia, Spain.

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The Litoral de Almería power station was built in 1985 by contracted construction company Initec. Attached to a coal port for receiving imported coal supplies, the plant was considered Andalusia's worst polluter and Spain's third-worst polluter (in 2018).[1][2] In 2009, the plant emitted around 5.1 million tonnes of carbon dioxide, 14 thousand tonnes of sulfur oxides, and 9740 tonnes of nitrous oxides. In 2010, the plant was equipped with desulfurization technology, which reportedly decreased emissions by 100,000 tonnes per year; however, the plant is still accused of causing 111 deaths per year with its direct emissions.[2]

In 2017, Endesa installed a lithium-ion 20 MW electrical storage system that would allow the plant to produce energy more efficiently by avoiding unnecessary coal-firing when energy demands are lower.[2]

In 2020, the plant barely operated due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on electricity demand.[3]


In December 2019, Endesa requested a permit to shut the Litoral de Almería plant down from the government; most sources estimate that the plant will shut between 2021 and 2022.[3][4] According to Power magazine, dismantling the power plant could take up to four and a half years in total.[4]

Endesa plans to replace Litoral de Almería plant's capacity with 1.5 gigawatts of renewable energy (primarily solar) with investments of around €1.2 billion in Almería.[5] Spain's national grid operator, Red Eléctrica de España (REE), has already confirmed the addition of 250 MW of renewable energy from Endesa.[4]

Project Details

  • Sponsor: Endesa SA
  • Parent company: Enel
  • Location: Levante Almeriense, Almería, the province of Andalusia, Spain
  • Coordinates: 36.9784, -1.9050 (exact)
  • Coal type: Anthracite/bituminous
  • Coal source: Imported
  • Gross generating capacity (operating): 1,159 MW
    • Unit 1: Coal-fired subcritical, 577 MW (start-up in 1985)
    • Unit 2: Coal-fired subcritical, 582 MW (start-up in 1997)
  • Number of employees: 113[4]

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