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Luján power station (Central Térmica Luján, also known as Lujan II) is a 127-megawatt (MW) gas-fired power station in Buenos Aires province, Argentina.


The map below shows the exact location of the power station in Luján, Buenos Aires province, Argentina.

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Project Details

  • Sponsor: Araucaria Energy[1]
  • Parent company: Stoneway Capital[2]
  • Location: Luján, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Coordinates: -34.5570, -59.0370 (exact)[3]
  • Gross generating capacity (shelved): 127 MW
    • Unit 1: Gas-fired[4] gas turbine[2], 127 MW[5] (start-up year not available)


Araucaria Energy released the construction plans for the power station as of June 2021, but otherwise did not offer information about permitting or construction processes.[6] The parent company, Stoneway Capital, stated on their website that a short gas pipeline would be built to connect Luján to the main pipeline.[7]

Araucaria was in litigation for environmental concerns[8] in 2018 and the parent company, Stoneway Capital, filed for bankruptcy[9][10] in 2021 with the completion of the power station on hold as a result.

In July 2022, Luján’s Deliberative Council approved rezoning the plant's location from rural to industrial, allowing the plant to resume operations. The vote was made despite the majority opinion of the Luján Environmental Urban Council (CUA), which opposed resuming plant operations due to environmental and human health risk. The circumstances of the vote were also met with criticism.[11]

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