Magadh Amrapali coal mines

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The Magadh Amrapali coal mines are a network of opencast mines, operated by Central Coalfields Limited, a subsidiary of Coal India, producing approximately 26 million tonnes-per-annum, on the North Karanpura coalfield in Jharkhand state, India.

The operating mines include: Amrapali, Magadh, Pachra, and Sanghmitra. According to the company website, the mines are currently under proposed expansion as "future projects".[1]


The map below shows the location of the Magadh Amrapali coal mines in Jharkhand state, India.

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Background on Mine

The network of coal mines on the Magadh Amrapali Area are owned by Central Coalfields Limited (a subsidiary of Coal India).

The Magadh Opencast Coal Mine Project of 20 million tonnes received the environment clearance on 27 October 2008.[2] The project remained proposed in 2015-2016 and has likely since been shelved.

The Amrapali Opencast Project with capacity 12 MTPA, produced 6.50 tonnes in 2018, on 619.87 Ha was given EC vide letter dated 3rd January, 2006 under the provisions of the EIA Notification, 1994. However, due to change in EIA notification, the project has to revalidate its environment clerance granted by the Central environment ministry.[3]

Pachra was a proposed Opencast 15 MTPA project to be run by Central Coalfields Limited in the North Karanpura coalfields. As of November 2020, the mine had been removed from the companies list of "mega projects."

Sanghamitra Opencast coal mine project is a proposed 20 MTPA mine to be run by Central Coalfields Limited in the North Karanpura coalfields.[4] As of July 2020, CCL is inviting bids for developers.[5]

Mine Details

  • Sponsor: Central Coalfields Limited
  • Parent company: Coal India
  • Location: Jharkhand state, India
  • Coordinates: 23.889479, 85.00171 (exact)
  • Status: operating/proposed expansion
  • Capacity: Amrapali (6.5 MTPA), Magadh (20 MTPA), Pachra (Canceled, 15 MTPA), and Sanghmitra (20 MTPA).[1][6]
  • Total Resource Reserves: Amrapali 486.50 MT
  • Mineable Reserve: Amrapali 124.79 MT[7]
  • In service:
  • Permits:
  • Coal type: Grade 11
  • Mining method: Opencast
  • Source of financing:

Expansion Details

  • Mine:Amrapali
  • Status: Proposed
  • Size of Expansion: 25 MTPA[1]
  • Permits and Applications:
  • Mine:Magadh
  • Status: Proposed
  • Size of Expansion: 51 MTPA[1]
  • Permits and Applications:
  • Mine:Sanghmitra
  • Status: Proposed
  • Size of Expansion: 20 MTPA[1]
  • Permits and Applications:

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