Martinlaakso power station

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Martinlaakso power station is a 197-megawatt (MW) biomass- and gas-fired power station in Uusimaa, Finland. It also uses coal.


The undated satellite below shows the plant in Vantaa.

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The CHP plant is the largest source of power and heat for Vantaan, a city just north of Helsinki. The plant consists of three units, 60 MW (gas) commissioned in 1975, 80 MW (coal) commissioned in 1980, and 57 MW (gas turbine) commissioned in 1995. It is owned by the cities of Vantaa (60%) and Helsinki (40%).[1]

The plant was modified into a bioenergy heating plant in early 2019.[2][3] According to Vantaa Energy, “In addition to the biopower boiler, we still use coal and natural gas as fuel at the Martinlaakso power plant. The use of coal will be phased out by investing more in biopower and waste-to-energy power." The company aims to phase out all coal use by the 2020s.[4]

Project Details

  • Sponsor: Vantaan Energia
  • Parent company: Vantaa City (60%), Helsinki City (40%)
  • Developer:
  • Location: Vantaa, Uusimaa, Finland
  • Coordinates: 60.2833, 24.8364 (exact)
  • Gross generating capacity (operating):
    • Unit 2: Coal-fired with CHP, 80 MW (start-up in 1980)
    • Unit 1: Gas-fired with CHP, 60 MW (start-up in 1975)
    • Unit 3: Gas-fired with CHP, 57 MW (start-up in 1995)
  • Start date: 1980
  • Type: Subcritical
  • Coal Type: Bituminous
  • Coal Source:
  • Source of financing:

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