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Meenakshi Energy Thermal Power Project, also known as the Thamminapatnam Thermal Power Plant, is a 1,000-megawatt (MW) coal plant in Andhra Pradesh, India.


The undated satellite photo below shows the plant in Thamminapatnam village.

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Meenakshi Energy Thermal Power Project is a 300 MW coal project built by Meenakshi Energy in Andhra Pradesh. According to the Central Electricity Authority (September 2012), the first unit of 150 MW was commissioned in September 2012 and the second unit of 150 MW was commissioned in April 2013.[1] According to the company web site, "The first phase of the Project (300 MW) has been configured in a unique 'part tolling-part merchant' configuration with PTC India Limited."[2]

Meenakshi Energy mentions additional expansion of the project to a total of 900 MW (2 x 300 MW addition) or 1000 MW (2 x 350 MW addition).[2][3]

In 2013 French energy company GDF Suez (later renamed Engie) spent $400 million to acquire a 74 per cent stake in Meenakshi Energy, including the Meenakshi power station. Indian developer Meenakshi Group owns the remaining 26 per cent stake. The Hindu stated a 700 MW addition to the plant was under construction and expected to be completed by 2015 to 2016.[4][5] Engie gradually increased its share to 89%.[6]

In August 2015 Engie said it was planning to sell its controlling stake in the Meenakshi plant. The French government, which owns a third of Engie, wants to reorient state-backed companies toward renewables, after a sustained public opposition campaign to French financing of fossil fuel projects. The planned 700 MW were reported as under construction,[7] and are planned for operation in 2017-2018.[8]

In February 2016 Engie sold its majority stake in the plant to India Power Corp, a Kanoria family trust entity with interests in wind and thermal power.[6]

In May 2018 the India Power Ministry said progress on the project was slow: "due to financial problem, work at site remained closed for a long time."[9]

According to the India Ministry of Power, unit 3 was commissioned in April 2018.[10] Unit 4 was commissioned in November 2019.[11]

Project Details

Sponsor: Meenakshi Energy
Parent: India Power Corp (89% ownership), Meenakshi Group (11% ownership)
Location: Thamminapatnam village, Chillakur mandal, Nellore district, Andhra Pradesh
Coordinates: 14.2111946, 80.0900615 (exact)
Nameplate capacity: 1,000 NW (Units 1&2: 150 MW, Units 3&4: 350 MW) Status Operating Start date:

  • Unit 1: commissioned September 2012
  • Unit 2: commissioned April 2013
  • Unit 3: commissioned April 2018
  • Unit 4: commissioned November 2019

Type: Subcritical
Coal Type:
Coal Source:
Estimated annual CO2:
Source of financing: 10-07-2010 - Loan agreement signed with SBI & other Banks, SBI as lead lender[1]
Permits and applications:

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