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System Capital Management or SCM (Ukrainian: Систем Кепітал Менеджмент) is a major Ukrainian financial and industrial holding company with headquarters based in Donetsk, in the east of the country. The business is controlled by Ukrainian businessman Rinat Akhmetov, who owns 100% of company shares.[1] As of June 2010, SCM has assets worth over $18 billion, with revenues of $15.985 billion dollars in 2008.[2]

SCM’s activity is focused on six core business areas: mining and metals, electric power generation and distribution, finance, telecommunications, media, and real estate. In addition, SCM manages and controls assets in other industry sectors including clay mining, retail trade, and oil products trade. SCM has over 100 companies under its control (including intermediate ownership) and over 150,000 employees.[2]

Metinvest and United Coal Company

SCM's largest company is Metinvest, an international, vertically integrated mining and steel group of companies, comprising 23 industrial companies involved in the mining and steel industry of Ukraine and the Commonwealth of Independent States. In May 2009, SCM Holdings/Metinvest purchased the West Virginia-based United Coal Company for an estimated $1 billion.[3]

In 2007 the Division’s mines produced over 5.74 million tons of coal, and Avdeyevka Coke and Chemical Plant, which operates as a part of the Division, produced more than 3 million tons of blast furnace coke.[4]

As of 2010, the Coke and Coal Division includes:[4]

  • Krasnodonugol Coal Company
  • Avdeyevka Coke and Chemical Plant
  • Avlita Stevedore Company
  • Incor &Co
  • United Coal Company

Donbass Fuel-Energy Complex

The company’s energy business, Donbass Fuel-Energy Complex (DTEK) (Russian: Tопливно-энергетический комплекс Донбассa), generates 25.4% of all power produced by Ukraine’s thermal power plants. DTEK is the first private vertically integrated power generating company of Ukraine. DTEK was formed in 2002, and is an association of 15 various enterprises vertically integrating the mining and refining of coal to the supplying of electricity. The main companies are Vostokenergo Power Generation Company, ServiceInvest Energy Company, and the coal mine Komsomolets Donbassa.[2]

According to its website, the key strategic goal of DTEK is to become the largest company in the power energy field in Ukraine. DTEK companies account for one fifth of the country’s output of coal. In 2008, DTEK coal companies dug up 17.595 million tons of coal.[5]

DTEK has three thermal power plants: Zuyevskaya, Kurakhovskaya, and Luganskaya run by Vostokenergo. In 2008 the electric power transmission volume constituted 13.51 million MW.[5]

Association members:[5]

  • Pavlogradugol Coal Company is a coal-mining company which is an association of 10 mines and a coking chemical plant based in Pavlohrad, Ukraine.
  • Komsomolets Donbassa Coal Mine is a coal mine named after the komsomol activists
  • Vostokenergo is a power generation company, the name of which means the energy of the East (Vostok)
  • Service Invest - a power distribution company
  • PES-Energougol - a power distribution company
  • Mospinskoye Coal Enrichment Plant
  • Kurakhovskaya Coal Enrichment Plant
  • Pavlogradskaya Coal Enrichment Plant
  • Dobropolskaya Coal Enrichment Plant
  • Oktyabrskaya Coal Enrichment Plant

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