Moheshkhali-Anwara Gas Transmission Pipeline

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Moheshkhali-Anwara Gas Transmission Pipeline is an operating natural gas pipeline in Bangladesh.[1]


The pipeline runs from Moheskhali Upazila to Anwara, Bangladesh.[2]

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Project Details

  • Operator: Gas Transmission Company Limited (GTCL)[1]
  • Parent Company: Petrobangla[1]
  • Current Capacity: 500 million cubic feet per day[2]
  • Length: 56 mi / 91 km[1]
  • Status: Operating[1]
  • Start Year: 2017[3]


The Moheshkhali-Anwara gas pipeline is operated by GTCL, a subsidiary of Petrobangla.[4] The pipeline transports imported liquefied natural gas which has been re-gasified at the Floating Storage & Re-gasification Unit (FSRU) just offshore Moheshkhali to supply gas to the Chittagong Ring Main gas pipeline. Upon meeting the Chittagong demand, any surplus gas is then supplied to the transmission pipeline upstream of Chittagong.[5]

The pipeline was implemented in July 2014 and was commissioned in June 2017.[5] A 79-km long parallel pipeline called the Moheshkhali-Anwara Parallel Pipeline was started in July 2016 and was completed in June 2021.[1]

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