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The Mount Pleasant coal mine is operated by Mach Energy Australia, near Muswellbrook, in the Upper Hunter Valley, New South Wales, Australia.[1]


The mine is located adjacent to the Bengalla mine in New South Wales, Australia.

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The former owner Caol & Allied previously stated that "the proposed mine would produce up to 10.5 million tonnes of thermal coal for international markets. The deposit holds 459 million tonnes of thermal coal. Coal & Allied obtained authority over the Mount Pleasant resource in 1992. Exploration, mining studies and an environmental impact statement (EIS) were completed in 1997 with development consent granted in 1999. In November 2006 Coal & Allied announced the commencement of a feasibility study into Mount Pleasant's potential development, and in 2007 a shopfront was opened at 19 Bridge Street Muswellbrook for engagement with the community."[2]

The company states that the proposed mine would be an open cut project and employ "approximately 340 employees". Coal from the proposed mine would be transportated 115km to the Port Waratah Coal Terminal in Newcastle "to be shipped to international customers". The company also states that the deposit "has reserves of 459 million tonnes."[2]

The mine is currently ramping up production to 10.5 million tonnes per annum. Mach Energy is currently investigating the Mount Pleasant Optimisation Project to increase production to 21 million tonnes, doubling the productive capacity of the mine. An Environment Impact Statement is currently in progress.[3][4]

As for the projects planned expansion, the Optimisation Project was approved with conditions by the Independent Planning Commission on 6th September 2022.[5]

Project Details

  • Sponsor:
  • Parent Company: Mach Energy Australia[1]
  • Location: Muswellbrook, New South Wales, Australia
  • GPS Coordinates: -32.25591661, 150.8499847 (exact)
  • Status: operating
  • Capacity: 10.5 million tonnes[4]
  • Production: 7.4 million tonnes (2021); 6.10 million tonnes (2020)[6]; 5.97 million tonnes (2019)[7]
  • Total Resource:
  • Mineable Reserves: 459 MT[2]
  • Coal Type:Bituminous[1]
  • Mine Type: Surface[4]
  • Mining Method: Opencut[4]
  • Mine Size: 28 km2[1]
  • Mine Depth:220 m[1]
  • Start Year:2018[1]
  • Number of employees: 340[1]
  • Source of Financing:

Expansion Details

  • Prodctuion:6.5 million tonnes per annum (17 million tonnes per annum total)[8]
  • Start Year: TBD[3]
  • Status: Proposed[4]
  • Number of employees: 220[1]

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