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The Murray River coal mine project is a proposal by HD Mining to produce 6 million tonnes per annum near Tumbler Ridge, British Columbia, Canada.


The satellite photo below shows the approximate proposed mine site near Tumbler Ridge, British Columbia, Canada.

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The project has estimated reserves of more than 3.18 billion tonnes. Initial mine site development will focus on the 37 km2, Plot 1, containing a proven deposit of 688 million tonnes. Surface work was set to being in 2012.[1] In 2015, the project was issued an environmental assessment certificate, which is good for 5 years.[2] The project was temporarily put into care and maintenance status in 2016 due to controversy over plans to hire temporary foreign workers.[3] In 2017, the Minister of Environment and Climate Change issued the Environmental Assessment Certificate, indicating approval for the project.[4] The project received a Mines Act permit on April 5, 2018, and an Environmental Management Act (EMA) permit on July 11, 2018.[5] Construction of the site will take 3 years.[6]

Project Details

  • Owner: HD Mining
  • Parent company:
  • Location: Tumbler Ridge, British Columbia, Canada
  • GPS coordinates: 53.5226333,-118.8403882 (approximate)
  • Mine status: Proposed
  • Start year: 2021
  • Mineable reserves: 3.18 billion tons
  • Coal type:
  • Mine size: 160 km2
  • Mine type: Underground
  • Production: 6 million tons per year[5]
  • Additional proposed production:
  • Equipment: Longwall mining
  • Number of employees: 780

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