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Nabinagar Thermal Power Project is a 750-megawatt (MW) coal-fired power station in Bihar, India.

An additional 250 MW is under construction.


The plant is located in the Aurangabad district of Bihar, on the west side of the Barun-Nabinagar Road, about 50 km from Aurangabad city and about 250 km from Ranchi.[1]

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The proposed plant was originally planned to comprise four 250MW generating units.[2] The project is located near the village of Dhundwa near Nabinagar. The power station would primarily be used to supply power to the Eastern and Western districts of Railways operations in the states of Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Chhatisgarh, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh.[3][4]

In 2011, the power station was described as at an advanced stage of construction[5] by Bharatiya Rail Bijlee Company, a joint venture company formed by the Ministry of Railways and the National Thermal Power Corporation.[6][4]

A 2014 NTPC investor presentation said units 1-3 of the project would be completed FY2015-2017. The third unit is listed as 500 MW.[7]

In July 2015, Times of India reported the plants is 4x250 MW, and unit 1 was planned to come online in November 2015,[8] but was later pushed to 2016. The power station is expected to be completed by 2017.[9]

Unit 1 was commissioned in March 2016.[10] Unit 2 was commissioned in April 2017.[11]

Units 3-4 are planned for 2018.[12]

Unit 3 was commissioned in in March 2019.[13]


The National Thermal Power Corporation agreed to provide US$161,298,897 in equity, while Indian Railways agreed to provide US$56,676,561 in equity.[14]


The joint venture project will be developed by Bhartiya Rail Bijli Company, with NTPC having 74% equity in the project and the Ministry of Railways the remaining 26%.[15]

The joint venture company was first proposed with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding back in February 2002. However, it was not until in February 2007 that the company was finally approved by the national government's the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs.[16]

Equipment burnt

In November 2010, it was reported that, according to the Superintendent of Police, four dumpers, three cranes and other machinery at the project site had been burnt. It was also reported that several workers on the site were held captive and assaulted by the armed attackers. The media report attributed the attack on the plant works to "Maoists" and "naxalites."[17]

Project Details

Sponsor: Bhartiya Rail Bijli Company
Parent company: NTPC (74%), Indian Railways (26%)
Location: Dhundwa village, Nabinagar taluk, Aurangabad district, Bihar
Coordinates: 24.7050812, 84.0887384 (exact)
Status: Operating (Units 1-3), Construction (Unit 4)
Capacity: 1,000 MW (Units 1-4: 250 MW)
Type: Subcritical
Start year: Unit 1: 2016, Unit 2: 2017, Unit 3: 2019
Coal Type: 2900-3800 Kcal/kg
Coal Source: 5 Million Tonnes per year from North Karanpura of Central Coalfields Mine[1]
Source of financing: US$161,298,897 in equity from the National Thermal Power Corporation; US$56,676,561 in equity from Indian Railways[14]

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