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Nardana Vaghode power station is a proposed 300-megawatt (MW) coal plant in Maharashtra, India.


The photo below shows the project site.

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The project is sponsored by Shirpur Power.[1]

The location of the proposed plant is the Nardana Central Government sponsored Growth Centre, an industrial area on 750 hectares of land in possession of Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC). The area is described as follows:

Nardana Central Government sponsored Growth Centre: MIDC has planned to develop an industrial area on 750.09 Hect. of land. About 648.56 Hect. of land has came in possession of MIDC. The reservation of water for 4.38 MM3 per year has been granted by Irrigation Department. MIDC has provided the water supply scheme for this industrial area. This scheme includes Jackwell, 600 mm dia PSC raw water rising main (13.50 Km.), 400 mm dia PSC pure water rising main (9.50 Km.) water treatment plant of 6 MLD capacity & 1000 cum capacity ESR. Presently MIDC is developing phase I having land 480 Hect. MIDC has completed 7.22 Km. WBM roads, out of which asphalting of 2.10 Km road is completed. MIDC has also provided the water supply distribution pipe lines. The rate of allotment of industrial plot is Rs. 50.00 per Sqm.[2]

The project received an Environmental Clearance from the Government of Maharashtra Environmental Department on November 25, 2010.[3] Photographs on the sponsor's website show construction activity in 2013.[4]

In December 2016, the two units of the plant were projected to come online in February and April of 2017.[5] As of March 2017, the commissioning dates had slipped to June and September of 2017.[6]

Unit 1 was commissioned in September 2017. Unit 2 is planned for March 2018.[7]

According to the India Ministry of Power in August 2018, work on unit 2 is on hold due to issues with the PPA and coal linkage.[8]


In October 2012, a financing agreement was closed for this project. The State Bank of India agreed to provide US$255.05 million in loans.[9]

Project Details

Sponsor: Shirpur Power
Parent: Sintex Power
Location: Nardana MIDC area, Vaghode village, Shindkheda taluk, Dhule district, Maharashtra
Coordinates: 21.152106, 74.8539841 (exact)
Status: Operating (Unit 1), Construction on hold (Unit 2)
Start date: 2017
Capacity: 300 MW (2 x 150 MW)
Type: Subcritical
Coal Source: blended coal from India and Indonesia (from Surat or Dahej) - 5000 Kcal/Kg[10]
Source of financing: US$255.05 million in debt from State Bank of India[9]
Permits and applications: Environmental Clearance, India MoEF, November 25, 2010

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