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Negotino power station is a 210-megawatt (MW) fuel oil-fired power station in North Macedonia with a cancelled 300 MW coal-fired power station proposal and a proposed conversion to natural gas fuel.


The satellite photo below shows the exact location of the proposed power station in Vojshanci, Negotino, North Macedonia.

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The Negotino power station is a 210 MW oil-fired power station, situated eight kilometers downstream of Negotino town, by the River Vardar Valley within the Dubrovo area of North Macedonia. It was built in 1978 but has been sitting idle since approximately 2011.[1] According to the website of owner ELEM (the Macedonian electricity production company, renamed in 2019 to ESM[2]) there are plans "to reactivate this facility and make it operational with the existing infrastructure, as well as with some additional ones."[3]

In 2013 it was reported that North Macedonia intends to invest €58 million in the construction of the Klecovce-Stip-Negotino gas pipeline between 2013 and 2015, with a branch to the mothballed 210-MW Negotino plant. According to Platts: "Macedonian authorities are considering switching the oil-fired plant to gas-firing if sufficient fuel is secured for that purpose, as was recommended by North Macedonia's energy development strategy in January 2009."[4]

Proposed new coal plant

In addition, ELEM's website stated in 2012 that, at the site of Negotino power station, "there are preconditions for construction of another 300 MW thermal power plant, which will use fuel from local coal deposits of Negotino basin that are estimated at 82.5 million tons in total, of which 41 million tons are exploitable with underground mining and an additional 9 million tons with open cast mining (open pit). Construction of the thermal power plant, named Negotino II, will be in parallel with the mine opening."[3][5]

However the new 300 MW proposal was not included in ELEM's 2012 strategic plan,[6] nor was it mentioned in the draft version of the new energy strategy for North Macedonia, discussed in early 2015.

Proposed new gas plant

In 2021 the government will decide between selling the oil-fired plant or embarking on a public-private joint venture.[1] The proposals mention converting the facility's fuel to natural gas.[7][8]

Project Details

  • Sponsor: JSC TEC Negotino[9][10]
  • Parent company: JSC TEC Negotino[11]
  • Location: Vojshanci, Negotino, North Macedonia
  • Coordinates: 41.45767, 22.161443 (exact)[12][13]
  • Gross generating capacity (proposed): 210 MW
    • Unit 2: Gas-fired[14][15] unknown technology, 210 MW[7] (start-up year not found)
  • Gross generating capacity (cancelled):
    • Negotino II: Coal-fired, 300 MW
  • Coal Type: Lignite
  • Coal Source: Negotino basin
  • Source of financing:

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