North Bakken Expansion Pipeline

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North Bakken Expansion Pipeline is a gas pipeline that is in construction in North Dakota, USA.[1]


The pipeline will transport natural gas from the Williston Basin, North Dakota, USA to an interconnect with the Northern Border Gas Pipeline mainline in McKenzie County, North Dakota, USA.[2][3]

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Project details

  • Operator: WBI Energy[2]
  • Parent company: MDU Resources Group[2]
  • Capacity: 250 million cubic feet per day[1][2]
  • Length: 150.5 kilometers[2]
  • Diameter: 24 inches, 12 inches[2][4]
  • Status: Construction[4][1]
  • Start year: 2021[1]
  • Cost: US$260 million[2]


The project includes construction of the Northern Border Interconnect and the Norse Transfer Station, as well as upgrades of receiving stations at existing plants.[2] The project will provide infrastructure for the transportation of natural gas produced during oil production in the Williston Basin, which will lead to a reduction in the need for gas flaring.[2]

Development of the pipeline stalled at the end of 2020, but in July 2021 it had reportedly entered construction.[1][4]

The pipeline is slated for completion and operation by December 2021.[2]

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