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North Line Crude Oil Pipeline is an operating crude oil pipeline in the United States.[1]


The pipeline ran from St. James, Louisiana, to Longview, Texas. It now runs from St. James, Louisiana to Anchorage, Louisiana, as the remaining pipeline from Anchorage to Longview was reversed in 2015 and made part of the Permian Longview and Louisiana Extension (PELA) Oil Pipeline.[2]

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The North Line was originally a 22-inch pipeline originating in St. James, Louisiana and carrying crude oil to Longview, Texas. It connects with the Mid-Valley Oil Pipeline in Texas and Heavy Louisiana Sweet Crude Oil Pipeline System in Louisiana. The pipeline delivered crude oil to the Baton Rouge Refinery, the Krotz Springs Refinery, and the Shreveport Refinery in Louisiana, as well as the El Dorado Refinery in Arkansas. It is owned by ExxonMobil.[1]


In 2015 Exxon reversed a 71-mile (114 km) segment of the pipeline from Longview, Texas, to Shreveport and Finney in northern Louisiana, to supply 15,000 barrels per day of Texas crude to Delek U.S. Holdings’ El Dorado refinery in Arkansas, displacing barrels that had been trucked or railed to the plant. The reversal now serves as part of the Permian Longview and Louisiana Extension (PELA) Oil Pipeline.[2]

Oil spill

In April 2012, 1,900 barrels of crude spilled from a 17-foot rupture in the pipeline about 27 miles (43 km) west of Baton Rouge. Exxon shut the line, then restarted the portion that runs from St. James to the Baton Rouge refinery in Anchorage, Louisiana, the following month. The rest of the pipeline remained shut.[2]

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