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Novotroitskaya Ural Steel power station (ТЭЦ АО "Уральская сталь", ТЭЦ-ПВС ОАО "Уральская Сталь", and Новотроицкая ТЭЦ) is an operating power station of at least 110-megawatts (MW) in Novotroitsk, Novotroitsk, Orenburg, Russia with multiple units, some of which are not currently operating.


Table 1: Project-level location details

Plant name Location Coordinates (WGS 84)
Novotroitskaya Ural Steel power station Novotroitsk, Novotroitsk, Orenburg, Russia 51.2194, 58.3624 (exact)

The map below shows the exact location of the power station.

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Unit-level coordinates (WGS 84):

  • Unit 4: 51.219421, 58.36236
  • Unit 5: 51.219421, 58.36236
  • Unit 4: 51.21942, 58.36236
  • Unit 5: 51.21942, 58.36236

Project Details

Table 2: Unit-level details

Unit name Status Fuel(s) Capacity (MW) Technology CHP Start year Retired year
Unit 4 retired - 50 MW subcritical - - 2020
Unit 5 retired - 60 MW subcritical - - 2020
Unit 4 operating[1] gas, coke oven gas, blast furnace gas[1] 50 MW[2][1] steam turbine[2][1] yes[1] - -
Unit 5 operating[1] gas, coke oven gas, blast furnace gas[1] 60 MW[2][1] steam turbine[2][1] yes[1] - -

CHP is an abbreviation for Combined Heat and Power. It is a technology that produces electricity and thermal energy at high efficiencies. Coal units track this information in the Captive Use section when known.

Table 3: Unit-level ownership and operator details

Unit name Owner Parent
Unit 4 OOO Uralskaya Stal Zagorskii Trubnyi Zavod JSC
Unit 5 OOO Uralskaya Stal Zagorskii Trubnyi Zavod JSC
Unit 4 Ural'skaya Stal' AO Zagorskii Trubnyi Zavod JSC
Unit 5 Ural'skaya Stal' AO Zagorskii Trubnyi Zavod JSC

Project-level captive use details

  • Captive industry use (heat or power): Heat and power, power[3]
  • Captive industry: Iron & steel, iron & steel[3]
  • Captive non-industry use (heat or power): Heat[3]

Project-level coal details

  • Coal source: Unknown


  • Source of financing:

Background on Plant

The five-unit, 172-MW Novotroitskaya power plant used to be owned by Metalloinvest Ural Steel plant, which in turn used to be owned by Metalloinvest. It March 2022 Metalloinvest completed the sale of the steel plant to Zagorsky Trubny Zavod.[4][5]

The plant supplies heat and power to Metalloinvest Ural Steel plant and heat and hot water to the town of Novotroitsk.[5][6][7]

It has 5 turbine units and 7 boilers with cross-links among them.[8] According to a source from 2016, the fuel used by the power plant includes the steel plant's secondary energy resources (coke and blast-furnace gas) as well as natural gas and coal purchased from external parties.[8] In 2015, natural gas share was 50% of the plant's fuel balance, coking gas was 22%, blast-furnace gas was 22% and coal was only 6% (79,200 tonnes).[8]

In 2020, the company commissioned two new boilers that burn natural gas, coking gas and blast-furnace gas.[9] With the new boilers, heat generation has doubled and the steam requirements of the factory to required standard were secured. The next phase of planned modernization was the construction of a new turbine generator unit with capacity up to 60MW to work in tandem with the new boilers.[9] 2020 sources only referred to the use of natural gas, coking gas and blast-furnace gas at the plant.[10][9]

The System Operator's document published in early 2023 confirmed that the plant does not use coal.[11]

Articles and Resources


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