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The O Mon Power Complex is a 660 MW power station burning by fuel oil in Can Tho Province, Vietnam. The power station also has three proposed gas-burning combined cycle units totaling 3,150 MW, and the fuel-oil units were scheduled to be switched to natural gas, which would ultimately bring the total gas-fired capacity to 3,810 MW.


The map below shows the exact location of the power station in O Mon, Can Tho Province, Vietnam.

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The power station comprises four power plants. The O Mon 1 plant, which has a capacity of 660 MW, is already operational. O Mon II, III, and IV are proposed.

O Mon I currently relies on fuel oil but will be switched to natural gas in 2021.[1]

In June 2018, as Vietnam Electricity (EVN) was seeking investors for the project, the Ministry of Finance thought the price of electricity from the plant would be "quite high" compared to coal plants. EVN also raised the output of the project from 750 MW to 1,050 MW.[2]

Regarding O Mon II, two investors sent proposals to the Ministry of Industry and Trade -- EVNGENCO2 (Vietnam Electricity Corporation) and Vietracimex (Marubeni Corporation) to build the power plant. [3][4] In 2019, the Prime Minister agreed to assign O Mon II to the Consortium of Vietnam Construction Trade Joint Stock Corporation (Vietnam) and Marubeni Corporation (Japan).[5]

In September 2019, the People's Committee of Can Tho City requested comments on the feasibility study report of O Mon IV Thermal Power Plant project from the State Capital Management Committee.[6] In May 2019, VietnamNet reported that EVN was having difficulty arranging capital for this project.[7]

Project Details

  • Sponsor and Parent:
    • O Mon I: Sponsor: Can Tho Thermal Power Company. Parent: Vietnam Electricity Corporation (EVN)[8]
    • O Mon II: Sponsor: Consortium of Vietnam Construction Trade Joint Stock Corporation (Vietnam) and Marubeni Corporation (Japan). Parent: Consortium of Vietnam Construction Trade Joint Stock Corporation (Vietnam) and Marubeni Corporation (Japan)[5]
    • O Mon III & IV: Sponsor: Vietnam Electricity Corporation (EVN). Parent: Vietnam Electricity Corporation (EVN)[9]
  • Location: O Mon, Can Tho Province, Vietnam
  • Coordinates: 10.134916, 105.669325 (exact)
  • Gross capacity (operating): 660 MW
    • O Mon I Steam turbine 1: 330 MW (began operating 2009)[10][8]
    • O Mon I Steam turbine 2: 330 MW (began operating 2015)[10][8]
  • Gross capacity (proposed): 3,150 MW
    • O Mon II Combined-cycle unit: 1,050 MW (to start 2024)[5][11]
    • O Mon III Combined-cycle unit: 1,050 MW (to start 2025)[2][11]
    • O Mon IV Combined-cycle unit: 1,050 MW (to start 2023)[2][11]

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